Im skinny so I must be anorexia…

So youve clicked on my very first post and came to this page…yes its an unusual first post to begin with but i have been saying for months i want to write a diary. I even managed to write a few pages…. but eventually it dies off again and is forgotten about. Im hoping with this page it can be my diary and i wont forget about it. Anyway my point is (i will often go off on a tangent so get use to this) in a diary you share your thoughts and experiences daily, weekly maybe even only monthly. Yes its normally private, but who invented that rule? Man if we could all read each others diaries i bet we would be a lot less bored…. all those dirty secrets (sorry, tangent again).

SO my thoughts for today, actually lets do this properly…

Friday 27th December, 7pm, currently lounging on the sofa with the dog watching friends.


Wikipedia states a stereotype is a thought that may be adopted about specific types of individuals or certains of doing things. These thoughts and beliefs may not accurately reflect reality. Generally most people dont like to be “caught” stereotyping others, its not socially accepted. But deep down we all think stereotypical things. We Judge. It is instilled in us as humans, you see a girl on the street… wearing very little… its a winters day… and you think “slut” (yes ive just went there)  or “how can her mother let her go out like that, shes not a good parent”. That is just one small example and yes i will call you a liar if you say you havent done this.Image

 There is so much i could write about this, it could branch into numerous other areas of life, but tbh it was just a little thought i had today, i caught myself doing it and it gets you thinking. We all, I believe strive to be better human beings, and this post probably hasn’t taught you anything new at all, really its not meant too.  But i hope it has made you slightly more aware of stereotyping. One to not judge others so harshly when they do it, and Secondly being aware when we do it ourselves.

After all we are all Human. And Humans are imperfect. That my dear friend isn’t a stereotype just a plain old fact 🙂


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